IMG_8800When all you have is a bicycle, getting those few western groceries in China can be a challenge.  Especially if you have unfortunate predilections towards real coffee that isn’t instant, Splenda and non-melamine milk.

Some stores deliver of course, such as D-Mart or the Good Friends Store, but to see what is actually in stock, you still have to make the visit in person.

This isn’t really a big deal, but when you are on a bicycle, certain trips can be time consuming.  Taxis or buses are always options, but there are only so many bottles of mineral water a gal can lug around at one time, even with the amazingly versatile giant IKEA bag!

Cartons of milk, mineral water and about a mile-worth of plastic wrap!
Cartons of milk, mineral water and about a mile-worth of plastic wrap!

Solution?  Amazon China to the rescue!  Just like in the states, you browse the site (Google chrome translates the pages for you) and order what you want.  Only here, groceries are a huge part of what Amazon has to offer, and often the prices are better online than what is found in the local shops here.

Unlike the States, you don’t have to have a credit card.  You can pay with cash upon delivery if you want. Also unlike the States, you don’t have to be an Amazon Prime member to get next-day delivery! It isn’t guaranteed of course, but often, my 250-gram-packets of coffee are ordered at night and by noon the next day, they are at my doorstep!  Voila.  Getting all the ridiculous plastic and bubble wrap off of my items is another matter altogether.  China loves its packaging, that’s for sure.

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