Tonga Time has been in deep hibernation, but it is time to awaken the beast. Despite the winter storm flurrying through our tiny mountain town this weekend ….

The reason? Two years have gone by since Sam and I moved to New Hampshire, and in that time, Book Three of my Liberty Frye series has been brought to life.

Also, check out the updated covers for Books One and Two over in the side bar! Snazzy, no?

Here’s what reviewers of Liberty Frye and the Emperor’s Tomb have to say so far:

“[I]n addition to the adventurous plot, it’s safe to say that this latest Liberty Frye book also provides a unique adventure of the mind– delving into the nature of time in ways that readers are likely to find extremely compelling. Libby explains the topic, in a typically profound reflection on time and its nature: ‘It’s like this thing we measure and use and exchange, like money. It…it controls everything. Except we can’t see it. Or make it. Or own it. It’s something so important to everyone, but no one knows what it is.’ … In many ways, it is this philosophical layer that marks so clearly what is so striking about this excellent series of books: it manages to do many things at once, and all of them in a way that pull the reader along for the ride. This is excellent writing, thinking, and adventuring all rolled into one. As Ine herself says of time, so could it be said of the Liberty series and the characters J.L. McCreedy has brought to life: it is akin to magic.”The Childrens’ Book Review

The über-prolific children’s to YA book review site, Book Room Reviews, just compared Liberty Frye and the Emperor’s Tomb to a “cross between the adventures of Indiana Jones and Frodo Baggins quest to destroy the One Ring.” LOVE that!

And the fabulous folks over at LitPick have granted a five-star review, along with this description: “Action, magic, and loads of suspense …. I was absolutely blown away by this third installment in the Liberty Frye series. It definitely did its predecessors justice and helped to tie the series together, making for a truly exciting story.” Check out their site for authentic book reviews written by fiendish-reading children and young adults!

Where to find Liberty Frye books?

Amazon, of course (direct links to my books on Amazon are on the home page side bar), and any of the major online bookstores like Barnes & Noble, Books A Million, etc., should have them available. But if you can, please shop local! Ask your local bookstore to order for you! And if you are a school or a library, you can use this link for the standard trade discount:

What’s next?

Book talks and all things book-related, that’s what. A side bar on Tonga Time’s home page will keep a roster of upcoming events. If you’re in the area, please do swing by. I’d love to meet you and your support is always very much appreciated!

4 thoughts on “Liberty Frye and the Emperor’s Tomb … Coming April 2!”

  1. the first 3 adventures with libby and company were so much fun, i await delivery of ” orphan of torundi” so i can dive into that. then i’ll reread the first 3 because they are that good. thanks, jesse, for such amazing story telling.
    I hope you have as much fun creating libby and what’s to follow as i do journeying with her!!

    1. Thank you for your kind words, Cliff! I’m so impressed that you’ve already finished all three Liberty Frye books, and I am thrilled to hear you enjoyed them. The Orphan of Torundi is entirely different, but I hope you fancy it as well. Thanks very much for your support! Also, I believe you tried to reach my through my author site, but for whatever reason, your email bounced back as undeliverable. Just so you know. In any case, I am glad you found me here and happy reading!

  2. hi jesse,
    nice view from pine mt. the feet on the left must belong to one Liberty Francis Frye!! HA HA :) happy climbing!!

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