Telekivava'u, Tonga
Telekivava’u, Tonga

You know the the drill:  If you were stranded on a desert island with only one thing, what would it be?  What book?  CD?  Movie?  (Yes, smarty, fine.  Pretend you’re on an island with Gilligan’s professor and use your imagination here!)  Would your survival item be duct tape or a Swiss army knife?  If you could manage a lifetime supply of ice cream that magically does not melt, what flavor would it be?

You know, the normal stuff everyone wonders about.

Well, now, you can have the chance to solve that age-old dilemma.  Only this island isn’t a desert, it is lush and beautiful and brimming with all sorts of vegetation.  And you’re not stuck with only one thing, you can bring whatever you like (for the most part) and stock up whilst in the big pineapple of Tongatapu.  And you are only there for a few months, by choice, with access to leave should you desire to do so….


Come to think of it, it isn’t like the desert-island-situation at all.

A Tonga Time reader recently sent me an interesting email about a friend of their’s who owns an island in the Kingdom of Tonga.  They’re looking for someone to island-sit for six months.  Interested?  Here’s a link to Pete’s site.  I do not know Pete and I do not know his lucky, island-owning friend.  I do know that if Sam and I had the means to take six months off (and if we weren’t busy settling into our new life here in China, natch) we just might be there ourselves!

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